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One and a half years have blown by. Before I knew it, we were stepping into the toddler territory and I was still falling behind on posts for this site. I can’t believe how much stuff goes on in just 18mths. It took just one and a half years for my son to start really becoming a boy. It also took only one and half years for my son to go from the best kid in the world to the biggest asshole in the house. Well, maybe I still hold that title, but he damn sure comes second!

Yes, the “terrible twos”, as some may call it, are incorrectly named. Because dear lord we are all up in that zone right now. At the beginning of this phase, things were getting cool. Communications between us and the kiddo were starting to improve. Sign language, understanding what we were saying to him, listening and actually obeying. Oh boy, things were great!! And then, one day out of the blue, the kid straight up went asshole on us.

Now, I love my son. More than anything in the world. But that doesn’t mean I am going to blindly look at him and think “aww, see how he throws his food all over our faces dear? Isn’t that just cute!?” I can only assume he is testing us. Testing us with everything he’s got up his little sleeve. He used to stop when we said “stop”. He used to move on to something else when we said “No”. But now, he’ll look at you like he is acknowledging what you are saying, then does a little smirk and does the exact opposite of what you wanted. “Kade, be nice to the cat.” BAM! He body slams her. “Be gentle with that squeezy” SQUIRT! All over the car (and him). Sigh…What’s that song Daniel the tiger sings “When you’re feeling mad and you want to roar…”? I’ve been reciting that in my head for the past few months now. I have to admit it helps.

You start to think, “Ok man, it’s just your patience…its just a lil short right now”. But come to find out, lil man’s fuse is wayyyyyyy shorter. Pushing one of his riding toys across the living. Gets stuck hitting the couch. Tries to just push it THROUGH the couch and then falls down whining because he isn’t hulk enough. The cuteness days have ended for now. This kid is a terror! I don’t know how the wifey deals with it all day. Just a few hours and this kid has me drinking bourbon by the handle.

You learn to tolerate shit you never thought you would. Maybe that’s the bourbon lowering my “give a shit” bar, but choosing your battles not only works with the wife, it does wonders with the kiddo too. Yeah, it’s definitely boundary testing to the fullest. To the newbie Dads out there, prepare yourself men. Like the Winter in Game of Thrones, it’s coming…

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