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Tough Decisions - Kade Before Surgery - spitnshit(dot)comThere comes a time when you, as a parent, are put into a difficult situation. I find this a bit unnerving since I am still new to this. Making decisions for someone else has never been a great quality in me. Hell, I have a hard time making a decision for myself at times. Yet, it is my duty to take the required actions, that you feel may be necessary, to protect your kid. So, you gotta deal with it and be confident in yourself that whatever decision you made, was the right one to make at that time.

Since Kade was born, he had this skin tag near the opening of his ear. Not like the one that typically comes to mind that can be scissored off, band-aided up, and forgotten about. This one had presence! Enough that it was getting to the time where we might consider doing something about it.

Does Kade know about it? Nope. However, we quickly had some foresight when he was playing with other kids and one asked “What’s that on his ear?” I immediately flashed forward to him being in High School, walking to class. Some kid comes up making some joke about his “extra lobe” and throwing his books across the hall. Of course, I plan to have Kade doing some ninja backflip followed by a quick roundhouse to the face. I quickly answered the question with a “Oh, that is a secret special button that allows Kade to hear things from very far away!” This story stuck for the audience that was there, but was this something that would taunt him for the rest of his life? Do we get it removed? If so, would it heal ok? How do we remove it? Does he get anesthetics during the process? Do I get anesthetics during the process? Too many unknowns…

Ugh! I’m typically not a worrier. And even when I do, I rarely show it. But the questions did constantly go through my mind. My wife and I had to make an important decision. And we would deal with whatever consequences that may come from it. So, we decided to get it removed. Which then puts me into another difficult situation. Ah, yes, a consequence. The day comes for the removal. We don’t like the idea of having the little dude “put under” during it. We were assured it only takes 10 minutes and Kade would feel nothing after a numbing shot. So we decided against it and had to deal with the consequence. Since kids NEVER sit still, someone is going to have to restrain him. To think he is going to sit still in an unfamiliar environment, with some guy in a white coat, mask, and a very sharp knife is nonsense.

Tough Decisions - Kade After Surgery - spitnshit(dot)comSo, Daddy gets tasked to hold his little man down. Kade did absolutely awesome! Way better than I was anticipating. But, talk about THE WORST feeling I have had in a long time. He wants to move yet is constrained so that the doc can do his job. I hated to do it, but I did get front row seats to the procedure. I’m not going into details here, but I know we will be glad we did this in the future. After the procedure, Kade was back to normal. He was happy to not be held down and he even leaned towards the nurse for her to hold him. Smiling as he always does.

Kade is young enough that this event will not be remembered. Hopefully the same goes for me.

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