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I’m falling right in line with another TMI post, but I had to release my thoughts on this. My son is turning into an explorer. Everyday he discovers new things or ways of doing things and it’s been so enjoyable watching him learn. However, lately, I have been less excited about his new discovery. Yup, Kade has discovered the buoy in the bathtub, his penis. I’m sorry, Kade, this is just as weird for me to write it as it is for you to read this whenever you do.

Eight months old and now anytime this kid is undressed he immediately is checking out his jewels. It’s like he is trying to remove it from his body. He is determined to pull it right off! I’ll try to distract him with some bath toys, and that will work for about 30 secs and then, DING! Light bulb goes off in his head, “Oh yeah! My penis!”, and starts at it again.

Discovery of the PenisI spoke with my mom about my childhood and how I was when this event happened. Evidently, at Kade’s age, I knew of it, but didn’t become obsessed with it until around 16 months, when it was too much for my mom to handle. To the point where she had to write about it in my book she kept of all my memories. She also mentioned that I did, in fact, test it’s elasticity. But I never seemed like I wanted it OFF. Kade on the other hand, is very curious about it and seems like he wants to take a closer look. Tugging and tugging. It’s all red from him being too rough. He keeps going at it, I can’t get him to stop until it’s too late. He springs a stiffy…and things get weird. He looks over at me when I sigh ‘Ughh Kade!!’ He’s embarrassed, you can tell…I’m kidding, he isn’t embarrassed at all! Goes back to playing with his toys. “Oh, NOW you want to play with your toys.” And that lasts for about 30 secs until he wants to rinse and repeat that cycle.

As for the pic, yeah the oldie is me. I felt since I’m volunteering Kade’s up here, it’s only fair to add mine too. We’re in this together buddy!

I used to think talking about this stuff is weird, but this is something I deal with everyday. It’s now a norm in my life. Just add ‘penis’ to the list of pee, poop, spit-up, and more. So, it’s my duty, as a Dad, to be just as proud of this milestone as any others. So, fellas reading this, beware of those buoys during bath time.

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