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Sleeping Through the Night***Written a few months ago***

Why HELLOOOOO there! Hey, it’s me…and I’m feeling great! You wanna know why? Because we’re back on a semi-sane sleeping schedule. Yup! No crying in the middle of the night and damn, it feels good!! I’m actually back to getting some game time in and doing freelance projects here and there.


Of course, there are some occurrences of lil’ man waking up at odd hours. Maybe he got too hot upstairs or a bad storm woke him, but for the most part, we got a little bit of our old lives back. Now we get to watch all those shitty reality shows or catch up on some of the past TV series that our friends say we “HAVE” to watch. It’s funny how close the Kardashians sound to crying babies. Not sure which I prefer more though. And yeah…I rarely control the remote at this time 😉

As we hit mini-milestones here and there, something struck me the other night. While feeding Kade a bottle, he was holding it himself. Totally taking control of the situation. I look down and notice his body is now stretching across the entire rocker as I hold him. It wasn’t too long ago when he was only as long as my forearm. With him crawling all over the place and standing up in his crib when he is refusing a nap I think to myself, “It’s true. They grow up TOO DAMN FAST!”. Cliche saying, I know. Before you know it he will be asking for the keys to the car and going on dates. I can feel the grey hair setting in. Time is flying people, make the most of it!

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