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They say in order to have your kids stay active and fit, you must be active and fit yourself. Well, one of the things I’ve been wanting to do since we moved back to Texas was to become more active. I’m the type of person that can’t hold a membership at a gym because I can’t work up the ambition to go run on a treadmill like a hamster or lift weights like a meat head. I realized that the key to staying active, for me, was to involve myself into sports again. I miss playing sports. I miss the competitiveness of team play. It was time to get back to it!

So, I’ve picked up playing adult softball. Every now and then, I’ll venture on the hardwood, for a pickup game of basketball, here and there, but softball is my first venture back as a team sport. The wife and I have played in some coed leagues together, but primarily I’ve been playing in a mens league. For me, things have changed just a tad. I’m bigger, slower, and now require much more prep and maintenance before and after games. Stretching is a must now. Bengay is a priority. A knee brace is always included as a fancy asset to my attire. No matter what pre-game routine I try, I always hurt the day after. Man, getting old sucks! But, I’m taking it slow. I’m trying to be a kid again. An overgrown kid that sometimes pushes too hard to bring back the memories. One thing hasn’t changed though. The fun. Even though I may have shifted down in gears, the fun is still there and I’m enjoying it.

Every game day I see some of the other players with their kids running around. I start to think how it will be when Kade gets to the age of playing sports. What sports will he like? Will he even like sports?! What role will I play in that journey? Coach, Soccer Dad, or just a fan? I have my initial feelings on which one I will choose, but soon time will tell. I can’t stop thinking about playing with the Jr. Gamer. Good times are awaiting just around the corner. My job for now is to stay active so when the time comes to play with the lil’ guy, I’ll be ready.

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Nate is an avid Web Developer, PC Gamer, Whiskey Connoisseur, Cigar Aficionado, who recently became a new dad who flies by the seat of his pants while learning parenthood.

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