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For those that know me, you know that I do not value sleep. Since college, I have put other things ahead of sleeping. I average around 4-5 hrs a night and I’ve been a functioning zombie throughout those times.

Recently though, I can feel something changing inside me. I’m not in my 20s anymore and now with parenthood, I rarely get my straight 4-5 hrs of sleep. I’ve started to develop this love for naps. Oh yes, NAPS! Naps are the most terrific things in the world! Not just for babies, but for you too. If the lil’ man goes down for a nap before dinner, cha-ching! I’m cashing in a nap as well.

Now I’ve done a fair share of research on different sleeping patterns in my day. I couldn’t find a way to do the things I wanted to do AND get the amount of sleep I needed in. Some patterns I’ve come across were those adopted or created by famous people such as Winston Churchill, JFK and Dali.

I truly hate to love naps because there is always something that needs to be done around the house or on personal side projects, but for some reason, the nap rules all! Since my new love has unfurled, I think my average sleep per day has gone up 1-2 hrs, which gets me closer to that “suggested” amount some can’t live without. From the link above, I think I am closest to JFK’s sleeping schedule, except mine typically comes later, around dinner time.

If you haven’t explored the nap yet, I highly recommend it. I think it’s saved me a few grey hairs here and there. I do still hate sleep even though it’s needed, but damnit I love me some naps!

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