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I love my son very much, don’t get me wrong.  Aside from my wedding day, the happiest day of my life is the day Pierson was born.  I was so excited to be a Dad and to have a son.  I immediately started thinking of all of the times we would play catch, all of the football games we would sit on the couch and watch on Saturdays and Sundays each Fall (and sometimes Monday and Thursday nights, when applicable), and all of the beers we would share (when he turns 13, of course…).  However, I wasn’t thinking of the fact that I would have to get through the terrible twos first. Not to mention that no one told me that the terrible twos could start at 1 ½ years old and that they could last until he’s 4!

I understand that kids (boys especially) are very curious creatures and that they want to explore any and everything around them.  I know that this is how they’ll learn…but come on!  This kid never stops, sits still, nor slows down.  I find myself excited when one of his stupid kid’s shows comes on TV so I can have 30 minutes to an hour to get my to-do list started.  And what’s up with his eating habits?!  First he wants to eat, then I put a big-ass plate of food in front of him and then he decides he’s not hungry or doesn’t want what he JUST TOLD ME TO FLIPPIN’ COOK!  He will, however, want to eat whatever is on my plate, even if it’s the same stuff I just put on his plate.

God forbid I try to help him brush his teeth because he wants to do it all by himself.  And by doing it himself, I mean suck all of the strawberry flavored toothpaste off the toothbrush and then start brushing his front teeth ONLY.   Your other teeth need brushing too, dude!  When we go to the store, he doesn’t want to sit in the cart anymore, so I will let him walk behind me.  He then begins to pick random stuff off the aisles and put them into the cart.  In addition, he doesn’t quite understand what using your “inside voice” means yet as he likes to yell random things at the top of his lungs just to see if people turn around.  Yeah, all of this is kind of cute sometimes.  But when I’m trying to check out and all he does is point at the candy bars and says “I want dat.  I want dat.  I want dis.”, it can get a bit irritating.

I love being a Dad, and I love my son very much.  I am, however, looking forward to when he’s 4 or 5 and much calmer!  I’m also looking forward to when he turns 13 and we can shares those beers I was talking about earlier.  That’ll be cool.

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