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When I was a youngin’, for Christmas, I received a TalkBoy. Ya know, the one little Kevin in Home Alone used? That toy was the shit! But, this post isn’t about that. Instead, while changing the 14th diaper today, I flashbacked to a different gift that was given that christmas. A gift that wasn’t mine, but one of my cousins. She got a Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll. It came with food packets, a spoon, and some diapers. We all took our toys into the “play room” we would congregate in as kids and tested out our new toys. My cousin fed her baby and, shortly after, the food she fed had traveled through the doll and was deposited into the diaper. At that age, I thought, “Man, that’s odd.” This baby was peeing and pooping within minutes, sometimes seconds, after feeding. This doll is not reality! I don’t immediately pee or poop after feeding. Well, sometimes when I hit that good local Mexican food joint, but I digress. Today, after 25 years, my mind went back to that doll. My newborn IS that doll, just a more expensive one. At one point, I went through 3 diapers in 10 minutes.

Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby DollThe reason I know how many diapers we’ve gone through is because we log it. No, we aren’t those weird parents that want to have everything in his baby book, thinking he will one day enjoy reading it (Uh, no Mom, I’m not talking about you :P). Instead, we are using an iOS app called iBabyLog, that syncs important data between the two of us. Nursing, Medication, Diaper Changes, etc. This makes it easier for us to keep track of when is the next feeding and allows us to have data to export via email to the Doctor, if requested. However, it does have that effect of noticing just how much shit you are literally dealing with in a day. Overall, the app has helped us keep some of our sanity and I’m sure some of you out there might find it useful too.

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