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Since becoming a Dad in 2011, I have come to appreciate the simpler things in life: watching shows on the DVR (by myself), going to the bathroom (by myself), getting to eat all of the food on my plate versus having to give my son half of what’s on my plate (even though the same food is on his plate), not having to watch Peppa Pig or the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (see previous posting), etc. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that sacrifices like these come with having a child…but it doesn’t mean I have to like it all the time!

One thing I enjoy doing that includes the kiddos is what I like to call “Mommy and Daddy Dates”. Not very manly-sounding, I know. I don’t really care…I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m married with a 2 year old. The large majority of my manliness has been thrown out the window.

Once in a blue moon (mmmm…that sounds good right about now), my wife and I are able to find a day where we and some of our closest friends all get together (with the kiddos) and just hang out. Yes, we do drink alcohol during these dates. No, we don’t give any to the kids. Yes, I will smoke a cigar with my boy Nate while the kids are inside playing. Yes, I have thought about giving some to my son to calm him down…but no, I have never actually given my child alcohol. It’s a great way to get some adult time with our friends, yet it doesn’t have to be late at night when the kids are asleep nor do we have to worry about finding and paying a babysitter. If you are a new parent, or have been a parent for a while, I highly recommend doing these sort of “dates” at least once a month. It’s good for the kids to play together, too. It helps them with their cognitive development and learning capabilities, or some crap like that.

To recap, mommy and daddy dates are good. Alcohol is bad for kids, but great for parents. Cigars are good for parents (in moderation). Get this scheduled immediately with your closest friends…you’ll thank me later!

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