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iStock_000010589084SmallFrom the day Kade was born, communication via all streams has at least doubled. Tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ shares, text messages and emails have all bombarded me during my fresh days of being a Dad. Topped with visitors almost back to back, I simply can not keep up, nor do I WANT to. I was lucky enough to get two full weeks of paternity leave, and it has been great! After that, back to the grindstone and less hours to get all the Daddy time I can get in within a day. So, one of the things the wifey and I discussed is maybe setting a day aside for Mole Mode. If you are not familiar with this term, Mole Mode is where you simply disconnect from everything except what you need to focus on. This time, the item of focus is my wife and son. I may even go the extra step and turn off my cell. I need the time to let reality sink in. To allow me to recognize what truly is happening in front of me. So, I will be going Mole Mode for a day to truly unplug. I always hesitate when doing this because I love being on top of new stuff, new tweets, new posts, etc. Well, I gotta find a way to toss that aside and just not care. It’s only 24 hours right? On your mark, get set, GO!

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Nate is an avid Web Developer, PC Gamer, Whiskey Connoisseur, Cigar Aficionado, who recently became a new dad who flies by the seat of his pants while learning parenthood.

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