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As my first post on Spittin’ and Shittin’, I wanted to give a brief background of who I am. Up until now, I have held titles of Web Developer, Whisky Connoisseur, Cigar Aficionado, Enthused Gamer, and Apple Bobbing Champion. As a newly expecting Dad, I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to add the title of ‘Badass Dad’ to that list. Part of that uncertainty came from the huge step in how my entire life’s responsibilities would change. Initiate flashback…

I met my wife through gaming, a passion that now I only carry on since the wifey proclaims that her gaming experience was just a “phase” (insert rolling eyes here). We carried out the beginnings of our relationship, via long distance. A time before Facebook, Twitter, and Facetime; we had to actually phone in a number and call someone to be a part of their lives (GASP!). I, being from Texas, and she, being from New York, we battled through the endless phone calls for the first 9 months of our relationship. Now, after both living together in Texas and New York, we are back in Texas, married, and expecting our first child.

I was saving initial thoughts of being a Dad for another post, but it seems fitting to add them here. I’ll be honest, I’m scared shitless. Of course, that feeling is accompanied with a splash of excitement about the new experiences up ahead. I’m 30 years old, very independent, and so far have been a good husband to my wonderful friend/wife. But how can one possibly be prepared to bring a child into this world and not have concerns? The timing was right, since I wanted to make sure we could financially support this life changing move. Also, I personally started to feel like this was the obvious next step since our lives started to feel like a Groundhog’s Day scene of the work, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat cycle. So, we took the advantage of traveling to Italy to complete a bucket list item, and proceeded to try and conceive. After about a month, we were overwhelmed with joy to announce we were expecting!



You see, my wife is a very creative individual. A self-employed Photographer, who has many creative ideas on presenting life events. Hence the wonderful announcement video above. This was how we chose to present our great news to our family and friends.

Lets dig a bit deeper here…Daily, I am faced with my thoughts of how I will be as a Dad. My only example to lean on, is in fact my very own father. A hard working blue collar man that I literally looked up to until I was a Sophomore in High School. That’s when I figuratively looked up to him. Although, he was very busy traveling for work during my early years, he did what he had to do to provide for his family. This was the man I knew I needed to become. As I entered the world of youth sports, my Father took on a new title, Coach. And now, as I am approaching a time where I am second guessing my Daddy instincts, he again takes on a new title as Mentor. Even though times have changed from how Dads play a role in the house of the modern family, the mindset behind the love and care are all the same. If I came out somewhat normal, then the tools I learned from my Father are indeed the right tools to have when my son enters this world. I know I have lifelong choices to make for my newborn, just as my Father did; and the foundation I learned will be such a great starting point for my new voyage ahead.

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Nate is an avid Web Developer, PC Gamer, Whiskey Connoisseur, Cigar Aficionado, who recently became a new dad who flies by the seat of his pants while learning parenthood.

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