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On February 2, most men were preparing for the ultimate guys day. Preparing their favorite sport snacks, beverages, and attire. The Super Bowl was here! For once, my lack of interest in football was not the sole reason of why I missed the big game. Instead, this day was hand picked by my son, Kade, to be HIS spotlight onto the playing field we call Earth. My gridiron? A hospital full of nurses, doctors, and little ol’ me taking heed to whatever needs the wifey requested as she was preparing for the most intense battle I feel women endure.

“Your whole life changes”, they said. “The greatest moment in your life”, they said. BAH! I called bullshit on all those quotes. Men, I was wrong! I was on the frontline of witnessing LIFE in the making. I was right next to my wife the entire battle. Everything was happening in slow motion, yet in some weird way, still felt very fast. My parents and sister waiting in the waiting room. Me, coaching my wife through pushes while also handling a car service to pick up my Mother in law at the airport. Contraction after contraction, my newly acquired title was being added to my life business card. Labor was around 11 hours, from the time we arrived to the time of birth. Within that 11 hours, my respect not only for my wife, but women in general, quadrupled. Men, we literally have nothing on mothers. My “man card” means NOTHING when compared to the “Mother Card” women have deep inside their purses. The sight of my son taking his first breaths was an overwhelming emotion I shared with my wife. Let’s just say, I don’t cry often; but that all went out of window when Kade came into this world. Waterworks galore! I couldn’t figure out what I was crying about. Happy it was all over? Proud of my warrior wife and newborn son? Lack of sleep? A melting pot of emotions I just couldn’t bottle up anymore. This is MY SON, DAMNIT! At that moment, nothing else mattered outside of that hospital room. Life DID change. I now put on the Dad hat, and walk through the door to my new life. Remember that Groundhog’s Day feeling I posted about? Groundhog’s Day, being February 2, is forever changed for me now. Coincidence? I’m not sure. However, I do know, that on that day, we walked into that room as a couple and left as a family.


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Nate is an avid Web Developer, PC Gamer, Whiskey Connoisseur, Cigar Aficionado, who recently became a new dad who flies by the seat of his pants while learning parenthood.

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